“I love my home and have no plans to leave.”

We help you change your home, not your address.

Transforming homes into safe, smart spaces for aging adults.

Meet Age Well at Home

Closing a big gap with small changes

Every 11 seconds someone is treated in an emergency room for a fall that could have been prevented by simple modifications like improved lighting, grab bars, and non-slip mats.

Watch our video to see how you can start taking steps towars a safer home today.

See how you can start taking steps toward a safer home today.

The heart of our mission is you

Whether you are an aging homeowner exploring options or a caring family member looking for peace of mind, we’re here for you. The unique stories and circumstances of our community elders drives us to provide accessible resources and build sustainable, affordable solutions.

“My son is less worried about me, and so am I.”

Take steps toward a safer home today.

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Feeling unsure about where to begin? We have compiled everything into a simple guide to help you see how you and your family can Age Well at Home.

Guide to Aging in place in the Twin-Cities
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