We put home modifications within reach of all homeowners, regardless of their financial situation.

The cost of home modifications can range from $500 to over $10,000+. For homeowners who lack easy access to financial resources, this work is unaffordable. Yet the cost of moving to a senior living facility can add up to many times this amount.

Your donations help offset the cost of our services for homeowners who need assistance and so much more including:

  • Building relationships within the community
  • Helping us advocate for aging-friendly public policy
  • Improving the lives of community elders

“I couldn’t afford to have this work done without Age Well at Home, and it has made a huge difference for me in getting in and out of my house and taking care of my personal needs in my home.” – Maylee

Age well at home

Keeping homeowners and their individual needs at the center of our work is our guiding star.

With understanding and compassion, Age Well at Home is committed to serving historically marginalized communities. By preserving their financial and emotional investment in their home, we bring generations together to support older adults whose home means the world to them.