Harry Broadfoot has lived on the Northside in Minneapolis for many years. He loves his home and neighborhood!

Age Well at Home worked with Harry to create a safer home for him to live. We listened to his life story and how he came to this point in life. Together, we came up with a game plan to help Harry stay in his home longer.

Working the Plan

Age Well at Home fixed his front door, cleaned and repaired his gutters, removed animals that were in his attic and repaired the holes in his home so that they could no longer damage it. Harry was afraid that these animals might ruin his home and get into his living space. Harry said:

“Age Well at Home helped me get out of a hole that helped me move forward physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

Harry with gutters

Creating a Safer Environment

Age Well at Home also worked to create a safer environment in his bathroom by installing a comfort height toilet. Harry stated, “ These modifications gave me real peace of mind and had a strong psychological impact on my health and well-being.”

Now Harry can live healthier and more secure in his home because of the services provided by Age Well at Home. Harry shared:

“I am so grateful for this program; it made a real difference in my life.”

Harry with hockey chair